Bacchanalian Boys

Butterfly and Trellis


Bacchanalian Boys

Sprig master moulds were often made by outside contractors and there was nothing to stop a maker supplying the same set of masters to more than one factory. We know this jug is by Clews because their name is written on it, otherwise it might not be easy to tell the manufacturer.

For the Ridgway version please click here.

The jug is 235mm lip to handle, and 171mm tall. Brown coloured stoneware with white sprigging.

Bacchanalian Boys jug left side

Bacchanalian Boys jug lip side

Bacchanalian Boys jug right side

Bacchanalian Boys jug handle side

Bacchanalian Boys jug top

Bacchanalian Boys jug base

Bacchanalian Boys jug marks

The two holes may well be a tally mark.

Photos © Bonnie Jean Seiwell ~ Lady in Decadence 2020


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Butterfly and Trellis

Plagiarism was, I'm afraid, rife in the Potteries, and the Ridgway partnerships themselves were known to copy the designs of others. In this case, however, it does appear that it is Clews copying Ridgway. For the Ridgway version of the print see here, and for the shape see here.

The dessert plate or twiffler is 225mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Clews Butterfly and Trellis plate front

Clews Butterfly and Trellis plate impressed mark

The impressed marks reads "CLEWS WARRANTED STAFFORDSHIRE".

Photos © Tommy Cheatham 2020


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