Misleading Pieces

John Yates [the elder], Shelton, c.1770-95/6.
John [the younger] and William Yates, 1795/6-1808 (or c.1813?).
John Yates, Shelton, 1808 (or c.1813?)-1828.
Members of the Yates family, 1828-c.1834/5.
Yates & May, Shelton, c.1834/5-c.1843?

Clearly some research needs to be done into the history of the firm as different authorities disagree on dates.
Yates had a fractional numbering system, and did number their pieces in a very similar way to Cauldon Place. The shapes and the style of decoration are, however, quite different. An expert has informed me that the gold upper bar to the handle is a typical Yates feature.


Pattern 2/1585

Yates 2/1585 cup and saucer

Yates 2/1585 pattern number

Yates 2/1585 pattern number detail

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