Misleading Pieces

Sadly, pieces of services do get broken. Usually it is simple just to go back to the maker and get a replacement. Once upon a time one could go to any factory that made pieces of the right shape and get them to copy the original. Usually these replacements were not numbered, and show slight differences due to the details of the mould being different between the two factories. This can cause problems of incorrect attribution.


Pattern 405

Originally I bought a 'Grecian' saucer dish, and a 'Bute' tea cup and saucer together. About a year later I bought a 'Bute' coffee can and saucer. I wasn't until I went to photograph the pieces that I realised the the saucer with the can was a replacement from a different factory. Since only the saucer dish was numbered I had not spotted the variation. The petals and centre of the flowers are treated differently, the foot rim of the replacement has a smaller diameter and is deeper than the original. The original is on the left, the replacement on the right. Both original and replacement saucers are 143mm in diameter. Bone china.

Pattern 405 original saucer front Pattern 405 replacement saucer front

Pattern 405 original saucer side Pattern 405 replacement saucer side

Pattern 405 original saucer back Pattern 405 replacement saucer back

Photos © Angela Grant 2018


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