Misleading Pieces

Sometimes a piece comes along that seems to fit the criteria, but not quite. So it makes life a little difficult to say who the manufacturer was. I will place here pieces that might be Ridgway, but also might not. If anyone has similar pieces, or pieces that share features of any piece on this page please let me know, with photographs. Many thanks!


Flower pot and stand.

The two main sprigs on the flower pot are known on Ridgway pieces, but always inside a frame with a shell at the top, as with the mugs shown here. Further, Dr. Godden in his Ridgway Porcelains (Woodbridge, 1985), p.66, Plate 63, shows a flower pot and stand with the framed sprigs, but different handles and different proportions. Having said that, the pot stand has the same sprigging as that in the book and the pale green overglaze decoration of this piece was often used on Ridgway flatware borders. The mask handles, which should be a distinctive marker, I have not seen elsewhere.

Green flower pot and stand

Green flower pot top

Green flower pot side 1

Green flower pot handle

Green flower pot side 2

Green flower pot base

Green flower pot stand top

Green flower pot stand side

Green flower pot and stand

Photos © Angela Grant 2019


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