Misleading Pieces

Thomas Booth & Son, Tunstall, 1872-1876
Thomas G. Booth, Tunstall, 1876-1883
T. G. & F. Booth, Tunstall, 1883-1891
Booths Ltd., Tunstall, 1891-1948
Booths & Colcloughs Ltd., Tunstall & Longton, 1948-54
Ridgway, Adderley, Booths, & Colcloughs Ltd., Jan.1955-Feb.1955
Ridgway Potteries Ltd., Feb.1955-1964
Allied English Potteries Ltd., 1964-Dec.1972



Booths "Pompadour" print is a direct copy of Job Ridgway & Sons "Japan Opaque China" Pattern 767. This popular pattern appeared around 1907 and continued through the life of the company often accompanied by the pattern number 8083. The jug shape shown here has been mistaken for Mason's but the handle is different.

The jug is 7.5 inches tall and 7 inches from lip to handle. Earthenware.

Booths Pompadour jug left side

Booths Pompadour jug right side

Booths Pompadour jug base

Booths Pompadour jug backstamp

Photos © Tara Burkholder Saunders 2020


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