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Friends of Blue

The Club, founded 1973, exists to study under-glaze blue decoration using a transfer print, a technique developed in Britain during the last two decades of the eighteenth century, when patterns deriving from contemporary Chinese porcelain designs began to appear. Many of these early designs were very similar to what we know today as Willow Pattern. As time went on, however, and techniques improved and tastes changed, every kind of design imaginable was used, from stately homes to bowls of flowers, from historical scenes to ships at sea.

The Northern Ceramic Society

The Northern Ceramic Society was founded in 1972 by a small group of enthusiastic collectors. From small beginnings, the Society has grown substantially and now has nearly a thousand members in the UK and overseas.
The Northern Ceramic Society (NCS) is a registered UK charity whose objectives are the study of the history and manufacture of ceramics (principally British) of the last five centuries and of the social history of the ceramics industry and its key figures. All aspects of production are considered, including design, manufacture and decoration, and also marketing and ultimate use.

The Wedgwood Museum ~ V&A/Wedgwood Collection

The Wedgwood Museum contains the world's greatest collection of Wedgwood ceramics, ranging from a unique collection of Josiah Wedgwood’s original trials for the perfection of Queen's Ware, later delivered in the form of a 900+ piece dinner service to Catherine the Great of Russia in 1774, to a rare 5 foot high Exhibition Vase, decorated by Emile Lessore, the only one of its kind in Britain.


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