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Vine-handled Jugs

Godden illustrates a jug of this shape as a line drawing of a jug with a 'Royal Lily' print from the Art Journal magazine for October 1849 in his Ridgway Porcelains (1985) p.165.


E. J. Ridgway & Abington




The jug is 229mm tall, 152mm lip to handle, and the base is 95mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Whampoa jug left side

Whampoa jug lip side

Whampoa jug right side

Whampoa jug handle side

Whampoa jug top

The top has been drilled to take a Britannia metal lid, but that has not survived, if it was ever fitted.

Whampoa jug base

Photos © Jackie Casey 2021


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