Dudson — Ridgway
Dragon Handled Square Jugs

There was clearly co-operation between the two factories and it is difficult to establish exactly how far that went. Both factories appear to have manufactured jugs of this shape. Dudson probably supplied the Bedford Works with moulds, glazes and ideas. Ridgway supplied the manufacturing capacity that Dudson did not have. Presumably there was a sharing of profits.


James Dudson

Pattern 1679

Ridgway, Sparks & Ridgway

Pattern i/178

Pattern i/2007 "Simple"


Manufactured by Dudsons


Pattern 1679

The jug is 170mm tall. Brown coloured earthenware with white sprigs.

Pattern 1679 jug left side

Pattern 1679 jug right side

Pattern 1679 jug base

Pattern 1679 jug pattern number

Photos © Clare and Alan Walker 2020


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Manufactured by Ridgways


Pattern i/178

The jug is 197mm tall. Earthenware.

Pattern i/178 jug left side

Pattern i/178 jug right side

Pattern i/178 jug base

Pattern i/178 jug pattern number

Photos © L. B. Laubenthal 2020


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Pattern i/2007 "Simple"

The jug is 180mm tall. Earthenware.

Pattern i/2007 jug left side

Pattern i/2007 jug lip side

Pattern i/2007 jug right side

Pattern i/2007 jug top

Pattern i/2007 jug base

Pattern i/2007 jug marks

Photos © Vintage Once Treasured 2020


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