Church Works
Baluster Candlesticks


William Ridgway, Son, & Co.
E. J. Ridgway & Abington

Baluster Candlestick ~ Blue-grey

Baluster Candlestick ~ Pale blue & gilt


Baluster Candlestick ~ Blue-grey

The candlestick is 203mm tall, 117mm diameter at the base, and the top ring is 61mm in diameter. Blue-grey stoneware.

Baluster candlestick blue-grey top

Baluster candlestick blue-grey side

Baluster candlestick blue-grey base

Baluster candlestick blue-grey impressed mark

The impressed mark reads: "W. RIDGWAY SON & Co / HANLEY".

I have to admit to being a little worried about this one. The body colour is unusual, the impressed mark is not one I associate with candlesticks, there is no size mark, and it appears to be turned rather than moulded. Since I've not seen another William Ridgway candlestick this shape, I've nothing to compare it with. It may be perfectly ok, but, knowing there are fake, or reproduction, jugs about with a similar mark, I have to admit to a slight uneasiness. I have a moulded dessert plate with the same body and mark. A possible source is the later Bedford Works firm who are known to have copied earlier printed wares.

Photos © Angela Grant 2018


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Baluster Candlestick ~ Pale blue & gilt

The candlestick is 200mm tall and 114mm diateter at the base. Pale blue stoneware.

Baluster candlestick pale blue side

Baluster candlestick pale blue top

Baluster candlestick pale blue foot detail

Baluster candlestick pale blue base

Baluster candlestick pale blue impressed mark

This is a very unusual mark which is in none of the books. Ridgway & Abington rarely marked anything. Exactly what the patent was about is not clear. The cutaway on the side of the candle holder may be relevant. It may have been a way of easily removing the stub.

Photos © Charlie's China 2021


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