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Patent Anti-Corrosive Safety Tap


John & William Ridgway

Patent Anti-Corrosive Safety Tap

'In 1825 Messrs. John and William Ridgway took out a patent for "an improved cock, tap, or valve, for draining off liquors;"'
L. Jewitt, The Ceramic Art of Great Britain vol. 2 (London 1878), p. 321.

This tap is an interesting survival. It was clearly intended to be used on barrels, replacing the brass tap normally used. It would have been driven home using a soft-headed mallet. It is not known what liquids it was intended to be used with.

The tap is 6 inches long and 4.25 inches tall. Earthenware.

Patent tap end detail

Patent tap top

Patent tap left side

Patent tap right side

Patent tap end

Patent tap bottom

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