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'Lorne' Dessert Shape


Cauldon Ltd.


Pattern L/7103

The pattern book states:
'is as L/7061 only Oxford E Ware (Lorne Desst E.W)'
The entry for L/7061 indicates the printing is in pink, and there is an orange edge.
This is the 'Bentick' print without the shoulder band.
Pattern book entries reproduced courtesy of The Wedgwood Museum Trust.

The oval dessert dish is 258mm long, and 213mm wide. Earthenware.

Pattern L/7103 oval dish front

Pattern L/7103 oval dish back

Pattern L/7103 oval dish marks

The printed mark reads "CAULDON / England". The long impressed mark reads "CAULDON". The other impressed mark is too obscured by glaze to make out.

Photos © Angela Grant 2019


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