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'Lorne' Dessert Shape


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Pattern L/7103

The pattern book states:
'is as L/7061 only Oxford E Ware (Lorne Desst E.W)'
The entry for L/7061 indicates the printing is in pink, and there is an orange edge.
This is the 'Bentick' print without the shoulder band.
Pattern book entry reproduced courtesy of The V&A/Wedgwood Collection.

For other examples of the same print see the "Bentick" print page.

The oval dessert dish is 258mm long, and 213mm wide. Earthenware.

Pattern L/7103 oval dish front

Pattern L/7103 oval dish back

Pattern L/7103 oval dish marks

The printed mark reads "CAULDON / England". The long impressed mark reads "CAULDON". The other impressed mark is too obscured by glaze to make out.

Photos © Angela Grant 2019


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