Cauldon Place
Table shape with linen fold border

Geoffrey Godden illustrates a plate of Pattern 773 in this shape in Ridgway Porcelains (1985), p.81, Plate 82. He also shows two designs from the factory pattern book (now missing) for Patterns 748 and 752, p.80, Plate 81. The dishes on pp. 78-79, Plates 77-80 may also be related (Patterns 757 and 794).

Job Ridgway & Sons

Pattern 757


Pattern 757

Dr. Godden has dated this pattern from an invoice of 1821. The problem with invoices is that they only provide a terminus ante quem and not an absolute date. Some patterns were manufactured over a number of years. I would date the introduction of this pattern to c. 1810-12.

The dessert plate is 220mm in diameter. Bone china.

Pattern 757 dessert plate front

Pattern 757 dessert plate front detail

Pattern 757 dessert plate back

Pattern 757 dessert plate pattern number

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