Cauldon Place
Late fancy shape

Kidlington dish

The dish is 129mm long by 101mm wide.
Arcadian China was introduced for the production of souvenir and other wares by Arkinstall & Sons around 1904. The firm was taken over by Robinson & Leadbetter (subsequently JA Robinson & Sons Ltd) in 1908. Cauldon Potteries Ltd took them over in 1925.
This piece must therefore have been produced shortly after that.
I am not sure if this shape was introduced by Cauldon or Arcadian. Any information would be welcome.
Kidlington is a suburban sprawl (around a small and pleasant old heart) north of Oxford. Its only claim to fame is that it is reputedly the largest village in England. An attempt recently by the local council to have it recognised as a town was vigorously resisted by the inhabitants. I have difficulty in imagining why anyone should wish to buy a souvenir of the place, though I dare say most of the development is post-war. I would think, therefore, that such pieces are fairly rare.
Lewis Belgrove was a grocer.

Kidlington dish top view

Kidlington dish back stamps, Cauldon way up Kidlington dish back stamps, Arcadian way up

Photos © Angela Grant 2005


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