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'Grafton' Teaware Shape


T. C. Brown-Westhead, Moore, & Co.


Pattern K/9926

There is no pattern book covering K/9926, but pattern K/9845 is identical to K/9926 except it has blue banding where the latter has green. The description of K/9845 states:
'Grafton Ch. Drake Neck Green Print Reprinted in Gold Cl Brown Sprig in & out col & Gilt as Shewn Army & Navy'
The difficulty is knowing how to punctuate this, and how to expand the abbreviations. The block colour appears to be printed, as is the gold decoration. Presumably 'Drake Neck' is the name of this print, but in that case it is strange that the word 'Greeen' is used for the pattern where this is blue. The flower sprigs are printed in a pale brown, so that tallies, though what the abbreviation 'Cl' before 'Brown' means remains a mystery.
Pattern book entry reproduced courtesy of The Wedgwood Museum Trust.

The tea cup and saucer. Bone China.

Pattern K/9926 tea cup and saucer

The saucer is 149mm in diameter. Bone china.

Pattern K/9926 saucer front

Pattern K/9926 saucer back

Pattern K/9926 saucer marks

The tea cup is 48mm high, and 58mm to the tip of the handle. It is 101mm in diameter, and the handle protrudes 25mm.

Pattern K/9926 tea cup top

Pattern K/9926 tea cup side

Pattern K/9926 tea cup handle

Pattern K/9926 tea cup base

Pattern K/9926 tea cup marks

The 6 inch muffin is 149mm in diameter. Bone china.

Pattern K/9926 muffin front

Pattern K/9926 muffin back

Pattern K/9926 muffin marks

Photos © Angela Grant 2019


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