Cauldon Place Works
'Empress' shape tea wares

All entries from the factory pattern description books are reproduced courtesy of The Wedgwood Museum Trust.

T. C. Brown-Westhead, Moore, & Co.

Pattern C/5872

Pattern K/9599

Cauldon Ltd.

Pattern V/4441


Pattern C/5872

The pattern book reads:
'Empress Sh Pink Ground & Blk Key Bor filled in Scoured Gold & Handles & burnished finish as C/5827 only Pink Ground. NP/418.'
(C/5827 is the same but turquoise ground. The NP/ (= new pattern) number is the one given in the design stage, before the final pattern number was decided.)

Coffee cup and saucer. Bone china.

Pattern C/5872 coffee cup and saucer

The saucer is 142mm in diameter.

Pattern C/5872 saucer front

Pattern C/5872 saucer side

Pattern C/5872 saucer back

Pattern C/5872 saucer marks

The Registration Diamond is for 25 September 1868, Parcel 13.

The coffee cup is 72mm in diameter and 70mm tall. The handle protrudes 24mm.

Pattern C/5872 coffee cup top

Pattern C/5872 coffee cup side

Pattern C/5872 coffee cup handle

Pattern C/5872 coffee cup base

Pattern C/5872 coffee cup marks

Photos © Angela Grant 2018


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Pattern K/9599

The creamer is 124mm lip to handle, and 111mm tall. Bone china.

Pattern K/9599 creamer top

Pattern K/9599 creamer left side

Pattern K/9599 creamer lip

Pattern K/9599 creamer right side

Pattern K/9599 creamer handle

Pattern K/9599 creamer base

Pattern K/9599 creamer marks

The tea cup & saucer. Bone china.

Pattern K/9599 tea caup and saucer

Photos © Bonnie Jean Seiwell ~ Lady in Decadence 2020


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Pattern V/4441

The pattern book reads:
'is as V/3926 only Vienneze [sic] Green grd.'
(V/3926 is the same pattern with a Mazarin Blue ground.)

Tea cup and saucer. Bone china.

Pattern V/4441 tea cup and saucer

The saucer is 141mm in diameter.

Pattern V/4441 saucer front

Pattern V/4441 saucer side

Pattern V/4441 saucer back

Pattern V/4441 saucer marks

The saucer is impressed with the number "60", or possibly "09".

The tea cup is 91mm in diameter and 59mm tall. The handle protrudes 19mm.

Pattern V/4441 tea cup top

Pattern V/4441 tea cup side

Pattern V/4441 tea cup handle

Pattern V/4441 tea cup base

Pattern V/4441 tea cup marks

The 7 inch muffin is 180mm in diameter.

Pattern V/4441 muffin front

Pattern V/4441 muffin back

Pattern V/4441 muffin backstamp

There is no pattern number on the muffin.

Photos © Angela Grant 2018


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