Cauldon Place
Very early flat backed table shape


Job Ridgway
Job Ridgway & Sons

Eastern Port

Blind Boy


Eastern Port

The meat dish is 520mm long and 410mm wide. Earthenware.

Eastern Port meat dish front

Eastern Port meat dish front detail

Eastern Port meat dish back detail

Photos © Buckinghamshire Antiques 2020

Eastern Port source print

The source print is from Bankes et al., A New, Royal, and Authentic System of Universal Geography, Antient and Modern 2nd ed. [1800].

The soup plate is 241mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Eastern Port soup plate front

Eastern Port soup plate side

Eastern Port soup plate back

Eastern Port soup plate mark

The printed numeral tally mark is common on early blue & white Ridgway.

Photos © Angela Grant 2020

The 7 inch muffin is 185mm in diameter. Earthenware,

Eastern Port muffin front

Eastern Port muffin back

Eastern Port muffin impressed mark

A good example of the rare early "Ridgway" impressed mark.

Photos © Brian Allaker 2021


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Blind Boy

The dinner plate is 247mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Blind Boy dinner plate front

Blind Boy dinner plate front detail

Blind Boy dinner plate back

Blind Boy dinner plate impressed mark

This plate has the rare impressed "Ridgway" mark.

Blind Boy dinner plate printed tally mark

It also has the typical printed numeral tally mark.

Photos © Robert Hawker 2020


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