Cauldon Place and Bell Works
Chariot sprigged wares

According to Dr Godden bone china wares with this sprigging were made at Cauldon Place and earthenware examples at the Bell Works. He is possibly right but I would like to see some further evidence than we have at present.

Bone China Mugs

This is not a graduated set of three mugs, indeed I would imagine there is a further size between the largest and middle ones. I purchased them at three different times from three different sources. I thought it best to show all three because of the detail variation in decoration that ocurs between different sizes of the same product.

Three Chariot mugs left side

Largest: 87mm high, 99mm diameter, and a handle protruding 39mm. Bone china.

Large Chariot mug left side

Large Chariot mug middle side

Large Chariot mug right side

Large Chariot mug handle side

Large Chariot mug top

Large Chariot mug bottom

Medium: 67mm high, 74mm diameter and a handle protruding 30mm. Bone china.

Medium Chariot mug left side

Medium Chariot mug middle side

Medium Chariot mug right side

Medium Chariot mug handle side

Medium Chariot mug top

Medium Chariot mug bottom

Smallest: 60mm high, 68mm diameter and a handle protruding 28mm. Bone china.

Small Chariot mug left side

Small Chariot mug middle side

Small Chariot mug right side

Small Chariot mug handle side

Small Chariot mug top

Small Chariot mug bottom

Photos © Angela Grant 2018


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