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'Buckingham' Table Shape

For a dessert shape with a similar rim, but without the edge moulding click here.

John Ridgway & Co.

Unknown Pattern 3

The "J. P. Westhead" service

Modified version:

Pattern 6/3703


Unknown Pattern 3

The dinner plate is 263mm in diameter. Bone china.

Unknown Pattern 3 dinner plate front

Unknown Pattern 3 dinner plate back

Unknown Pattern 3 dinner plate backstamp

Photos © Angela Grant 2020


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The "J. P. Westhead" service

For dessert wares from the same service see here.

The dinner plate is 260mm in diameter. Bone china.

J. P. Westhead Service plate front

J. P. Westhead Service plate backstamp

Joshua Proctor Westhead (1807-1877) was a Manchester merchant and manufacturer, and Director of the London and North-Western Railway Company. He was Member of Parliament for Knaresborough 1847-1852, and for York 1857-1865 and 1868-1871.1 His father, Edward Westhead, had married Ann Brown, heiress to Lea Castle at Wolverley, which property Joshua duly inherited.2 By Royal dispensation in 1850 Joshua changed his surname to Brown-Westhead, at which point he was permitted to quarter his arms with those of Brown.3 Thomas Chappell Brown-Westhead, who took over Cauldon Place from John Ridgway, was his youngest son.4
The presentation, along with a magnificent service in silver, was made on Tuesday 15 June 1847 at the Albion Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester, by the shareholders of the Manchester and Birmingham Railway Company in recognition of his work as Chairman of that company prior to its absorbtion into the London and North-Western Company.5

Photos © Robert Hawker 2017


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Modified version.

The following pattern has a slightly different form in that the short lobes are all the same length whereas in the original they have two different lengths. Also the moulding is slightly different. The differences are so slight that the shape name may have been retained.

Pattern 6/3703

The dinner plate is 254mm in diameter. Bone china.

Pattern 6/3703 dessert plate front

Pattern 6/3703 dessert plate back

Pattern 6/3703 dessert plate pattern number

Photos © Angela Grant 2017


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1. Tombstone in St John the Baptist Churchyard, Wolverley.

2. Obituary notice, Illustrated London News, 11 August 1877.

3. Notice under "General Intelligence", Bradford Observer, 21 February 1850. J. Bernard Burke, The Heraldic Register 1849 - 1850 (1850), entry for 31 January 1850.

4. Marriage report of T. C. Brown-Westhead, Worcestershire Chronicle, 26 September 1860.

5. Report on presentation dinner, Manchester Times, 18 June 1847.

Thanks are due to Patricia Halfpenny for sending me some of the press cuttings.


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