Broad Street Works
'Oriental Shells' & other table shapes

Hicks, Meigh & Johnson

"Oriental Shells"

Ridgway, Morley, Wear, & Co.

"Florence Rose"


"Oriental Shells"

The dinner plate is 255mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Oriental Shells dinner plate front

Oriental Shells dinner plate back

Oriental Shells dinner plate backstamp

The soup plate is 253mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Oriental Shells soup plate front

Oriental Shells soup plate back

Oriental Shells soup plate backstamp

Photos © Angela Grant 2018


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"Florence Rose"

The dinner plate is 260mm in diameter. Earthenware.

Florence rose dinner plate front

Florence rose dinner plate back

Florence rose dinner plate backstamp

Florence rose dinner plate impressed mark

The impressed mark reads: "OPAQUE / GRANITE / CHINA / W. R. & Co".

This shows how confusing matters can get when the factories exchanged earthenware blanks. Here you have a blank made at the Church Works being used on a Broad Street Works pattern. Here it is clear what has happened as the printed mark has the initials of the decorating partnership. When, however, the printed mark is anonymous, as is often the case, pieces can easily be misattributed.

Photos © Bonnie Jean Seiwell ~ Lady in Decadence 2020


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