Broad Street Works
Octagonal pinch handled jugs


Francis Morley & Co.

Pattern 3/1137 "Lady Peel"

All entries from the factory pattern description books are reproduced courtesy of The V&A/Wedgwood Collection.


Pattern 3/1137 "Lady Peel"

The pattern description book entry for 3/1137 reads:
'Toilet: Franklin e[arthen]w[are]. Mulberry print. D[ar]k blue on biscuit. Gold edge. New Cov[ere]d Patt[er]n, twig & flowers printed in Mulberry & leaves d[ar]k blued & flown ena[mel]l[e]d various Colours - leaves gilt & scour[e]d, gold line at edge burnish[e]d.'
Neither a jug shape nor the print name "Lady Peel" is recorded in the pattern description book. This is not uncommon as later additions to the original entry are not always recorded.

The pattern has also been noted on a tall dessert comport.

The jug is 152mm tall at handle, and 140mm tall at the rim; 152mm lip to handle, and 76mm across the rim. Earthenware.

Pattern 3/1137 jug left side

Pattern 3/1137 jug right side

Pattern 3/1137 jug base

Photos © Jackie Casey 2021


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