Broad Street Works
'Milan' shape

Pattern 278

The square dessert dish is 274mm long, and 243mm wide.

The print is described as 'Water Lily' in the factory pattern description books.
The full entry in the Pattern Description Book for Pattern 278 reads:
'Des't Milan WS. Print S Brown. Nothing on biscuit. Brown edge. As 270 but on White Stone.'
The only difference between Blue Stone and White is that they used a blue-tinted glaze for the Blue and a clear glaze for the White. The same grey ironstone body was used for both.

Entry reproduced courtesy of The Wedgwood Museum Trust.

Pattern 278 square dish top view

Pattern 278 square dish bottom view

Pattern 278 square dish back stamp

This version of the Royal Arms mark was only used at the Broad Street Works. A very similar mark was used at the Church Works but there are detail differences, particularly in the ground area below the supporters.

Photos © Angela Grant 2017


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