Broad Street Works
Cambridge ale jugs


Francis Morley & Co.
Morley & Ashworth
G. L. Ashworth & Bros.

Pattern 5058


Pattern 5058

The factory produced a series of prints from originals by the sculptor John Flaxman. These were used on a number of patterns.

The jug is 130mm tall and 115mm lip to handle. Earthenware.

Pattern 5058 jug left side

'Ulysses at the Table of Circe.' Homer, Odyssey.

Pattern 5058 jug lip side

'Pandora Gifted.' Hesiod, Works and Days.

Pattern 5058 jug right side

'Pandora Brought to Epimetheus.' Hesiod, Works and Days.

Pattern 5058 jug handle side

Pattern 5058 jug top

Pattern 5058 jug base

Pattern 5058 jug pattern number

Photos © Bonnie Jean Seiwell ~ Lady in Decadence 2020


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