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'Bedford' shape


Pattern 94

Pattern 160


Pattern 94

The dinner plate is 261mm in diameter.

Pattern 94 dinner plate top view

Pattern 94 dinner plate pattern number Pattern 94 dinner plate tally mark


Photos © Angela Grant 2005


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Pattern 160

The dessert plate is 229mm in diameter.

The print is described as 'Hicks Rock and Bird' in the factory pattern description books.
The full entry in the Pattern Description Book for Pattern 160 reads:
'Table Bedford BS. Toilet Florence. Print Com'n Brown. Blue on biscuit. Lustre Edge. Hicks Rock & Bird. Enamel'd in style of 142 but slighter, no gold.'

Entry reproduced courtesy of The Wedgwood Museum Trust.

Pattern 160 dessert plate top view

Pattern 160 dessert plate back stamp and pattern number

This mark is typical of the Hicks, Meigh & Johnson period, here used on a pattern developed after the takeover by Ridgway, Morley, Wear & Co.


Photos © Angela Grant 2009


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