Bell Works Patterns

Bell Works Occupation Periods

George & Job Ridgway c.1792-1802
George Ridgway (& Sons) 1802-1815
J (& W) Ridgway & Co. 1815-1830
William Ridgway 1830-1854

John and William Ridgway 1815-1830

The following patterns have been considered as originating from the Bell Works whilst under the joint control of John and William Ridgway. This was first proposed by the late Dr Geoffrey Godden in his books on the Ridgway factories. However, I have reason to doubt this for the following reasons:

1. The only known pattern book formerly in the possession of Dr Godden was later reused in the time of John Ridgway, Bates & Co, which implies it originated in Cauldon Place and not the Bell Works.
2. The known sprig moulds for these wares are impressed "Ridgway" on the side. This mark is, as far as I am aware, only found on wares produced at Cauldon Place.
3. The bone china wares made using the same moulds and sprigging are considered to originate at Cauldon Place.
4. Records indicate that George Ridgway before and William Ridgway after only used the Bell Works to produce plain earthenwares in white or transfer printed implying that only these sorts of wares were made at the works between those periods.

However, for the sake of ease of finding the patterns, I have left them listed here rather than Cauldon Place.

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31 Mask jug. Drab turned body, full glaze.  
35 Tapered Mug, spurred loop handle with shell mounts. Sprigged in white on drab body. Griffin & cherub with arabesques each side. Vase opposite handle. Vine circlet round top. 35
38 Tapered Mug, plain loop handle. Sprigged in white on chocolate body. Bacchanalian Boys with vase or jug each side. Goat & 2 boys opposite handle. Circlet of spear shape leaves round top 38
269 Tapered Mug, spurred loop handle. Chocolate body, white sprigs, rams heads with flower swags, lyre & wreath in each swag, circlet of leafy arabesques round top. 269
471 10 inch and 7 inch Pillar Candlesticks. Drab body entirely covered with tightly packed rosette flower heads. 471
472 mug Taper Mug. White body entirely covered with tightly packed rosette flower heads. 472
472 candlestick 10 inch and 9 inch Pillar Candlesticks. White body entirely covered with tightly packed rosette flower heads. 472
482 High-sided Chamber Stick. Lilac body entirely covered with tightly packed rosette flower heads. 482

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William Ridgway 1830-1854

The following patterns are the only ones in the collection that can with any certainty be attributed to the Bell Works under William Ridgway. No numbered patterns have come to light. The bulk of the output was probably mostly basic useful wares, the majority of which were unmarked. The shape name 'Albion' was the name used at the Broad Street Works. Since wares of all the factories in William's control appear to have been marketed using the same agents (regardless of partnership involved) and since there is no evidence to the contrary I have assumed the shape names used at Broad Street were used in all his factories.

Floral (brown) Coffee pot in flowing style. EW body. Flower basket & sprigs print. Arab style arcading round foot, lip & lid  
Grecian 'Albion' shape table ware. EW body. Printed in blue. Complex floral border round Venetian? scene of 3 gondolas with figures, bridge & palazzo, statue of Apollo & lion guarding steps to water, 3 figures by steps, 1 seated playing cello whilst another holds music. Grecian


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